“It going to cut down my travel time a ton and allow

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Throughout the 20th century, hustle was used to describe the reality of what many poor black people had to do to make ends meet. In his 1965 autobiography, Malcolm X wrote, “everyone in Harlem needed some kind of hustle to survive.” whether that meant illegal gambling, selling drugs, or flipping stolen merchandise. A 1969 passage from New Black Voices, a literature anthology, reads, “I got me a good hustle.

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cheap jerseys So what do we do about it? The two studies offer several policy recommendations we endorse, including requiring a landlord to send a pre filing notice before taking steps to evict; preventing excessive rate hikes based on tenant income; and revising inclusionary housing laws to encourage more affordable units. Perhaps most important, however, is a proposal to provide lawyers to tenants who don’t have representation, which is to say nearly all of them. Roughly 96% of landlords in the rental court cases studied in Baltimore had representation, while only 1% of the renters did. cheap jerseys

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